You Know You're an Earthbound Fan When...
I made this list late at night when I should have been doing some math homework. I hope you enjoy this light-hearted look at Earthbound fandom.
+ You have attempted to make a peanut cheese bar

+ You feel incredibly nostalgic whenever you drink coffee or tea

+ You've checked out a book on overcoming shyness

+ You've tried to get a tan on your palm

+ You write in the word "life" on your Cup o' Noodles

+ To help in fight, you would throw your shoes at the enemy

+ You thought at least one of the characters in the game was cute

+ You fight people if they jump off a roof

+ You often run around in circles to get where you need to go

+ You own a cute yellow backpack

+ You try and talk to cows, but are disappointed when they don't reply with a witty pun

+ You become less gusty when someone insults you

+ You have said "fuzzy pickles" when getting your picture taken

+ You imitate the sound played when Ness approaches a magic butterfly every time you see a real one

+ You totally thought that Zombie Paper should have been used in Resident Evil

+ You like to prey upon the unassuming local guy

+ To get today's headlines, you'll ask someone else instead of actually reading the paper

+ Someone tells you, "It sounds like you have a cold." you feel sad because you do actually have a cold, and aren't actually a talking robot

+ You miss the 90's because you're no longer in the year 199X

+ You say "checkarooney" after reading signs

+ You visit cool Earthbound sites like this one! :D
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