<i>International Twins Registry</i>

International Twins Registry

"Two's Company, Three's a Crowd"

Picture of us with Mother and sister Welcome, you must be "two-of-a-kind" if you happened upon our "pink & blue blood" register for twins. Unlike the Social Register, you don't have to be recommended by a member to be on our list. The only criteria for your name to appear on the "International Twins Registry" is that you be an identical, or fraternal twin, and will sign our guestbook.

Julia "Bitty" Martin and Juliet "Mitsy" (Martin) Findley, founders of the "International Twins Registry" grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, sandwiched in-between the formative years of
Bill & Roger Clinton. The Martin Twins cordially invite cyber-twins everywhere to register, two-by-two, in our guestbook.

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Here are some of our favorite links:
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R/C [remote control] airplane enthusiasts' website by our brother, David Martin
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Geocities: cyber-neighborhoods where you can get your own home[page] free!

Thanks for visiting the Martin Twins' International Twins Registry. You're the twin to visit our site since December 7, 1997.

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