Earth Mandala, Secret Meaning, World, the Divine Form.
From here you can wander through my ever expanding pages and find all kinds of things, let it be like a wonderful journey through strange lands where some places bring up vage memories and some remind you of home. Some things will be new and unknown and you can take them all with you in your heart or any other way. Enter the Mandala, have a pleasant trip and know that the Center is YOU.

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We find the Mandala, the basic form in the most complicated and impressive stuctures but also in the most simple ones. The Mandala is the visualisation of the Cosmic Law, everything is a Mandala, the Cell, the Snowcrystal, the Earth... In our times the awareness of the Mandala can stimulate Creative thinking, concentration and center us to the point where it is quiet and still.

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Earth Mandala, Secret Meaning, World, the Divine Form.