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About Me and My Site

Welcome to my place on the Web! Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

My name is Randy, and I live in the Buffalo, New York, USA area.

I've put together a few Web pages for your perusal, and I actually received some college credit for this (a looong time ago)! So why not take a moment or two to explore the rest of my site? Just use the handy-dandy navigational links to the right, or at the bottom, to meander through these pages.

(Actually, it's.....)

A Site-Within-a-Site!

Aside from this being a Web site of personal orientation, I've also included a "spin-off" site (pardon the pun) for the local support group I started: Dizziness & Balance Disorders Support Group of Western NY. The links called "Support Group Pages" will take you directly to the group's homepage.

Oops! One More Thing...

I'd be in huge trouble with the feline crowd if I didn't mention the adorable pictures of Binky, Sneaker, and Wild Thing, available for your viewing pleasure right now, at a Web page near you. (Update: Sneaker and Wild Thing have since made their transitions to another world. Binky is now 15 years old and still acts like he's 15 months.)

Thanks again for your visit. Enjoy your stay!

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