University Children's Hospital - Sarajevo

The biggest children's hospital in Bosnia and Hercegovina!

After 5 years of war and systematicaly distroying of life in Sarajevo we began with the reconstruction of the biggest children's hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the University Children's Hospital of Sarajevo.
List of our specific and urgent needs if something what we can't afford, but is necessary for our normal work.

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List of our specific needs List of our urgent needs

IZDANJA NA BOSANSKOM JEZIKU (knjige, publikacije i zanimljivosti)

Pediatric Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shareware - MedEvid (Medical Evidention )

Help us to save childrens' life. Mail us, please.
Chief of Hospital - Prof. Dr. Esma Cemerlic-Zecevic

List of people and organizations who helped us in the last month:

1. AMRF - Victor Sologaistoa .
The monitor MDE donated by American Medical Resources Foundation (AMRF)
will make a great difference on the care of the
children of Bosnia and Hercegovina
2. North West Lung Research Center, Dr. S.J. Langley
3. Henri Verhaaren, Gent, Belgium
4. Balkanaction, Belgium
5. Unicef - Sarajevo Office
6. Geocities

7. Could You be the next on this list

Pediatric Hospital - Sarajevo
Bolnicka 25
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel-Fax: +387 71 472-406

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