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Welcome to my Home Page. First let me introduce myself. My name is Joe and I'm a NREMT-P as well as a Firefighter. I've been working on this page for quite a while now and have compiled a lot of information. Hopefully you will find it all useful and if you have any questions or comments about Fire, EMS or general Emergency Services questions, feel free to ask. Email me. I also collect patches from EMS and Fire services, so if you'd like to swap, just let me know. Be safe.

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Here are some great links for EMS related sites: EMS

Visit this page for Fire related sites: Fire

Here are some great Patch Collecting sites: Patch Collecting

Here is my list of patch traders whom I have traded with in the past. They are all honest traders: Patch Traders

I have created a new page for Bad Traders. These people all give patch traders a BAD name: Bad Traders

Here are some links to Reading Material that I enjoy. They may not all be EMS or Fire related, but please visit the sites: Reading Material

Check out two of my patches: My Patches

Click here if you'd like to see some pictures: Pictures

Click here to see some pictures of the 1st Annual EMS Mountains to the Sea Parade during the 1999 EMS Week: Mountains to the Sea

More pictures of the EMS Mountains to the Sea Parade: Mountains to the Sea, part 2

Here are some photos of an MVA in Union County: EMS in Action!

More photos of EMS in Action!

Even more photos of EMS in Action!

Here are some photos of the Annual Motocross Championships in SC: Motocross

More photos of the Annual Motocross Championships: Motocross

Here are some photos of a Haz-mat spill: Haz-mat Spill

Click here if you'd like to see my patch collection: Patch Collection

Look, I won some awards! Awards

Check out my Webrings page: Webrings

This is my wife's homepage. She has some great links on there, so please check it out and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

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Union County has started a Safe Kids Chapter.

Visit my sister-in-law's page:

Elaine's Page

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This is where I grew up (Boston, MA)