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Welcome to the Bare Bones Radiology Web Site. While this site is still being developed, when finished it will be designed to help the average man or woman on the street understand the various x-ray tests and exams He or She might find themselves facing. Whether you are told by your doctor that you need a B.E., or that Grandma is going to have an MRI, you can find a description of the exam here in plain English. I will attempt to list most of the exams done in a modern Radiology Department with a description of the common reasons for the exam along with information about what you most likely should expect and what if anything you need to do before hand to get ready. This is part of what is delaying the site from being finished as some items I am forced to have proof read by coworkers who specialize in those exams to make sure the information I am providing is accurate by current standards. Even though I am still developing this site, you are invited to come on in and look around. I have incorporated a form into the site to allow you to give me feedback on what you think of it so far, and to make any suggestions that come to mind. You are also welcome to e-mail your suggestions and comments to me at Carl Kurtz. In addition, I have just added a glossary page, and I have a FAQ's page in the works that I should have up in a week or two thanks to all of you who wrote to ask me questions. But first, a couple of warnings in the way of a disclaimer.

First and foremost, while I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist, I am not a doctor! This means that while I would be happy to answer as many of your questions as time and space permit, I cannot and will not attempt to diagnose your problem or offer any medical advise whatsoever!! There are a few doctors on line and I've provided links to one or two of them on the Links Page. Try them if you'd like, but both federal law and my own professional ethics forbid me to even try.

Secondly, while I try to keep these pages up to date with the latest methods and techniques, these pages are meant to give general information on the common methods used. Various considerations ranging from which medical facility your exam will be done at to your own medical condition can, and will, have an effect on the way your exam is actually done.

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