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Welcome to my page where dreams can come true!

To get to know me better: Click on Life Coach Link below.

QUESTIONS/ANSWERS: Gary B Eby, MSW/CADAC, Addictions Expert, Life Coach.

#1. "Does online Life Coaching work?" Yes! Please see for yourself. Read my Life Coaching Forums on this page: Practical Solutions to Personal Problems!

#2. "If I need help I prefer to see someone face to face." That's your choice. The written word has helped to change lives for centuries. Why not tap into my 29 years of professional experience?

#3. "What are your credentials?" I have a Masters degree in Social Work. I'm certified by the State of Michigan. Call 1-900-555-8374 with my ID# 6801018024 to comfirm it. Or contact me and I'll provide you with a phone number to verify my employment at the VA Hospital where I work as a Clinical Social Worker, and Addiction Counselor. Also my NASW ID# is 884278557. Please call 1-800-638-8799 to verify my status if you want.

#4. "How much are your services?" I can provide you e-mail or phone counseling for about what a case of 12 beers would cost you! I believe what I have to offer you will be better than the beer. (smile)

#5. "I prefer to pay for my counseling with my health insurance." There are lots of counseling services and business/personal coaching services which are not covered by insurance. Most will ask for a co-pay. For this co-pay amount, you can receive between three to six e-mails from me which means considerable more value for your money.

#6. "I can't afford any coaching services at this time!" Can you afford to buy a book from Amazon. Com? I'll provide you with FREE services if you do. If not, I'm willing to provide you services on a LOVE OFFERING basis! Does that sound fair?

#7. "How does your Life Coaching work?" I can teach you 6 steps to SHIELD yourself from all chronic addictions. I can show you 5 steps to resolve career or relationship problems. I have also discovered a unique system of online journaling. And for businesses, I can provide you with some of the best free marketing tools on the Web. Contact me for a FREE SAMPLE of this process.

#8. "What about confidentiality?" A great benefit of online Life Coaching is the anonymity it offers you. You don't have to use your real identity. Also, I abide by the NASW Code of Ethics for your protection. And for years, people have been bearing their souls on Message and Bulletin boards without apparent harm.

#9. "What's the greatest advantage to online Life Coaching over traditional therapy?" There are several: You get to have three to six times the amount of contact with me now than you would with traditional therapy or other business coaching programs. After each e-mail session, you have a written and tangible product which you can review over and over again. And most importantly, you receive Help in the privacy and convenience of your home.

#10. "Why do you call it 'coaching'?" Unfortunately 95% of Internet businesses fail! I can provide you with the guidance and encouragement needed to improve these odds. Or you might be struggling with addictions, personal issues, and family problems. Let me be your sponsor and professional support team.

WISE SAYING:"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!" I would encourage you to send me an e-mail. Just describe some of your problems or concerns. I will resond in a supportive, caring, and positive fashion. HELP IS JUST ONE E-MAIL AWAY!

FOR POSITIVE SOLUTIONS NOW: Click on Life Coach and More Motivational Book Links below.

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I enjoy good conversation, living in the high desert, chess, walking outdoors, spending time with my wife, and helping others. I also have eight dogs who love spending time in the truck! Feel free to talk to me about any positive solutions. Remember to get your free web pages at http://www.oocities.com.

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