Welcome to my new home on the web!
Sorry it has taken me so long to get it up and running.
Just have had too much going on this past year in my personal life!
I still have a ways to go getting everything set up here.
Some links still go back to my website on Geocities.
I am updating my webpages as I move them.
I hope you enjoy visiting my site and will come back again soon!


This webpage last updated July 2002

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All about ME!
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TX 547, Houston
My Chapter's Webpage
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Post Office

Postcards designed especially
for weightloss & dieting
and TOPS members
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TOPS Club, Inc.
What is it & joining info

Weightloss and Dieting Articles
Lots of great info!

For encouragement and support
24 hours a day
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Dieting Tips
What works for you?

Email me your dieting tips....
they may help someone else!

Anyone looking for lots of
encouragement & support while
ONLINE should check this out.
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Inspirational Poems
and Quotes

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Sharin' Ideas Pages
TOPS programs, contests,
meeting ideas
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Healthy Recipes
Great tasting low fat / low calorie recipes to try!
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Inspiring Success Stories
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Weightloss Humor
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TOPS Links
Gotta TOPS related website?
Email me the URL so I can include it.

Helping Hands
Get a WEIGHTLOSS Email Pal
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  Misc. Weightloss Links


Medical Links and Info
These are links to medical conditions
that I personally have.


Myofascial Pain Syndrome 
and Chronic Pain

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Keep reaching for the stars!  
One day you might just
yank 'em down from the sky!

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