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This page has transitioned from "Beth's Page", to "Our Family Page". I have figured out that it's a great way to keep family and friends updated on our lives. I've got pages for each of us, including a page with updates on the status of our adoption. Check it out! There is a link below to email me or John, and links on Brandi and Amber's pages to email each of them. Have fun!

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Our Family Page

NASCARWe are also huge NASCAR fans. We are both fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr., who drives the #8 Budweiser car and Michael Waltrip, who drives the #15 NAPA car. We go to the Pepsi 400 every year, as well as any other races we get the chance to. We've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to get garage tours, meet several drivers and just sort of hang out in the pits. It's really a blast. I used to drive a red Monte Carlo which we had turned into the Bud Car!

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If you are interested in Scrapbooking at all, you have to check out this website. They have all your scrapbooking needs, and a cool message board so you can chat with other scrapbookers too! It is a great site!

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These are some links that I find interesting or fun.

John and Beth Children's Hope International
On-Line Dictionary

Discovery Cove Okay, there's something you all should know about me....I'm obsessed with my birthday! I count down, I tell everybody when it is, I expect phone calls and attention. So, I had to include a special calendar in honor of my birthday.

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