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Welcome to the realm of Master File. Here we believe that a sound body, physical fitness and good blood pressure is useless if you don't have a sound mind to go with it. And a sound mind is a well read mind.. With this in mind, I have put a selection of different personalities here, all with their own specialty. So please look about and enjoy.

G.T. is a writer. He loves to write powerful poems that takes the reader to a better place. A little bit of Philosophy can be found on his page. So if you like a bit of a read and have the time I strongly suggest you take the time and visit his page.

Psych Boy is a bit of a wannabe rebel. Likes to do research on occasion,usually on subjects no one else would touch with a barge pole, but he generally knows his stuff. Whatever that is. But be warned he does like to mess with peoples' heads

Bachelor's Association President well his site strangely enough is on the Bachelor's Association, which has recently been made into a frame site and isn't half bad, but that's not to say it's half good either *S*

Wino Bob is a bit of a character and loves a good bottle of Australian wine. Wino Bob has quiet a lot of information in wine to share with you all and a whole heap of links to Australian Winery's web sites

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