Community Mental Health Center of Crawford County

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The Community Mental Health Center of Crawford County provides a comprehensive array of outpatient mental health and addiction treatment services to residents of Southeast Kansas. These services are provided at a number of facilities located throughout Crawford County, Kansas.

Outpatient Mental Health Programs and Services
Addiction Treatment Services
Outpatient Counseling and Psychotherapy The Addiction Treatment Center of Southeast Kansas
Emergency Services Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling
Adult and Children's Attendant Care Case Management
Compeer Social Detox
Adult and Children's Case Management Day Treatment
Community Support Services  
Partial Hospital  
Juvenile Intake Systems  
Juvenile Offender Day Reporting Program  
Challenger Program  

Outpatient counseling and psychotherapy

Outpatient counseling and psychotherapy is available for a wide range of problems including marriage and family problems, grief and bereavement issues, stress, anxiety, suicide, behavior disorders and mental illness.

Emergency Services

We provide emergency services that put you in touch with on-call therapists and give you after hours access to CMHCCC staff. Other emergency services include mental health reform screenings, Medicaid screenings, emergency consultation and counseling, suicide prevention counseling, overnight attendant care and social detoxification.

Juvenile Intake Systems

Our Juvenile Intake Systems offers coordination of community services with the intent to find temporary placement for children and adolescents in trouble. Intake officers offer quick response in finding temporary placement for minors who have been arrested, runaways and those in need of protective custody due to abuse, neglect, danger, lack of adequate shelter, etc.

Juvenile Offender Day Reporting Program

The JO-DRP provides a structured afterschool group for adolescents between the ages of 13 & 18 years. As participants in the JO-DRP, youthful legal offenders receive behavioral and educational counseling, social skills training, community based monitoring of their activities and a chance for diversion from state lock-up facilities.

Challenger Program

The Challenger Program is a structured afterschool psychosocial group that provides social skills training for severely emotionally disturbed children.

Addiction Treatment Center of Southeast Kansas

The Addiction Treatment Center of Southeast Kansas, located at 810 W. Cedar in Girard, KS, provides outpatient and intermediate substance abuse treatment for residents of the SouthEast Kansas.
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