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I'm Dr. Greg Cohane, writing today from my office in sunny southwest Florida. It's my hope that you'll enjoy some of the topics introduced from time to time, and give us some feedback with your comments or thoughts regarding health care and wellness.


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~ Things to do about low back problems ~

1. Seeing a health care provider ..

Many people who develop mild low back discomfort may not need to see a physician right away. And according to American Family Physician, within a few days, the symptoms go away without any treatment.

A visit to your Chiropractic physician is a good idea if:

* Your symptoms are severe.

* The pain is keeping you from doing things that you do every day.

* The problem doesn't go away within a few days.

Your doctor will check to see if you have a medical illness causing your back problem (chances are you will not).

2. Talking about your symptoms ..

Your doctor will want to know about your back problem. Here are some examples of the kinds of questions he or she may ask.

* When did your symptoms start?

* Which of your daily activities are you not able to do because of your back symptoms?

* Is there anything you do that makes the symptoms better or worse?

* What is in your history -- auto accidents, sports injuries, hospitalizations.

3. Getting relief!

~~ Proven Treatments ~~

A. Spinal Manipulation.

B. Heat or cold packs applied to the back.

C. Medicine.

"Get a second opinion" when surgery is recommended. That's the suggestion of the highly regarded University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter, whose authors note the frequency of spinal surgery in the U.S. is twice the rate of surgery in any other industrialized country. Their advice: seek a conservative approach, weight loss, and Chiropractic care.

And find a physician -- a neurologist or your Chiropractor -- who understands the interaction of muscles, joints, and the spine. You may be surprised to read in the next article that most medical doctors feel strongly about the importance of exercise, not bed rest, in the patient's treatment plan. Did you know that nearly half the M.D.s attending the October 1996 annual meeting of the Academy of Family Physicians stated they are "poorly trained" to treat back problems? Chiropractic physicians have the expertise to guide you in this area.

It's important to recognize that the possible need for surgery is remote, according to leading experts, who note that over a quarter million back operations are performed annually, and much of it is believed to be unnecessary. Conservative care as outlined in the study may be the most prudent choice for you and your aching back.

Neck injuries, in most cases, should be considered a medical emergency until it is determined otherwise, playing it safe is the best course. Fractures are alarming and can have dire consequences. This study shows a usually fatal condition. This is a fractured neck at the second cervical vertebra, the so-called "Hangman's Fracture". It has that name since the Hangman's noose breaks necks at this spot! This is popular movie star and actor Christopher Reeve's injury. At other times, pain may be an indication of a serious underlying problem. Some patients will be treated for their condition, other cases are referred out for special imaging to be performed, such as M.R. to better visualize the tissues or pathology, or to obtain a neurologic office consult. Here's a case involving a man with neck pain -due to the most common primary tumor of bone -- Multiple myeloma . Don't ignore neck or back pain thinking "it'll go away by itself". There are times, such as diving head-first into a shallow swimming pool, when neck trauma causes a specific spinal fracture at the upper-most neck vertebrae as in this study.

My interests include clinical neurology and orthopedics but there are many assorted problems people bring to our office. This on-line page is an opportunity to expand on questions regarding joints, arthritis, the nervous system, headaches, and staying healthy.

Did you know that many interesting and detailed studies are being released, just about each month, which support Chiropractic care as an appropriate choice in the treatment and resolution of low back pain? This Federal government research paper has determined that spinal manipulation is not only safe, it's the right choice. By the way, if your family doctor says you should not be seeing a Chiropractor for your back pain, you can tell the doctor that research contradicts that out-of-date and biased point of view. They have no business interfering with your choice in your health care decision-making. Fortunately for patients everywhere, those kinds of unsupported remarks are becoming less common.

You've discovered my on-line office! Conditions we are often asked about include headaches, migraine, low back pain issues, whiplash, and general spinal health topics. Feel free to e-mail your individual questions.

The American Chiropractic Association has developed this page -- it is an excellent source of current information.

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