The Psychosomatic Medicine is a new conception in the patient's medical observation. Investigating its disease and treating him as a whole, using exams and clinical medications, accompanied of an evaluation and therapy of the emotions and “psychological problems” that influenced in the disease.  

             In fact every disease is psychosomatic, once emotional factors unchain the processes of the body through the nerves and hormones.   

             “Mind” and “Body”  are in fact integrated parts of ourselves.    

             The emotions change the balance of the endocrine glands, to harm the circulation sangüínea and the arterial pressure, to impede the digestion, to modify the breathing rhythm and the temperature of the body.  

             The Autonomous Nervous System is the generator of several corporal sensations, that you can identify as “emotions.”    

             Such manifestations are related  with  the popular language. 

              People feels the “cold feet”,  “frozen of fear”,  a “cake in the throat” or they feels  “anguish of vomits”, for somebody or some situation that they don't support. 

             This way, the emotions are physical phenomenons, that exist inside of the organism under the form of “sensations.” 

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