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Welcome to my homepage - the WWW home of Perinatal Psychiatry.

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Please feel free to follow my links. They will take you to some of my interests, including perinatal psychiatry.This page will provide general information for health professionals, carers, families, and of course women experiencing this problem. Browse my reading list too.

Do you want information on medication during pregnancy and breast feeding? Perhaps you'll find it here .

I am collecting stories on birth experiences and experiences of postnatal depression. Read my contributions here, and please consider contributing some of your own

Visit my on-line Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

Please remember that this page does not take the place of a full assessment from your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or other health professional.

Visit my page of psychiatry links on the Internet. There are only 2 links on this page, but if you can't find it on either of these pages then it probably doesn't exist!

Read about Computer Psychiatric Disorders. In particular discover the alarmingly contagious but treatable Microsoft Shared Delusional Disorder (MSDD)

While you're here discover why I use OS/2 Warp exclusively. Read about the applications that I use everyday, and why I have chosen Warp over Windows 95 and NT4.

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