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Nursing & Nurse Practitioner Sites

The site for nursing & nurse practitioner information on the WWW!!!

Welcome Everyone!!! I'm Dwayne Andras MSN, RN, CCRN, ACNP from Louisiana. I was a Cardiology RN who has completed my Masters in Adult/Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, from the University of South Alabama. I am very interested in computers and the use of the World Wide Web in Medicine and especially Nursing. I feel that this is the ultimate medium for information exchanges. I hope to have most of the important and useful sites for nursing and nurse practitioners on this page. I welcome all suggestions and possible links for this page. May all nurses & nurse practitioners come together and work for the advancement of patient care and the nursing profession. I have also put together a list of books and referrences that are available on the Web. These references are related to nursing, nurse practitioners, cardiology, medicare, and review materials.The number of visitors to this site is . This Page was last Updated 9-7-99.

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Table of Contents

Nurse Practitioner Sites
Nursing Statistical Information
Nursing & Practitioner Journals
APA & Writing Sites
Nursing List Servers
Cardiology Sites
Cholesterol Information
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Need Books and Reference Materials?? Excellent books on nursing, nurse practitioners, cardiology and review materials.

Nurse Practitioner Sites

Nurse Practitioner Central
American College of Nurse Practitioners
Gina's Nursing Review --- Great Site for ALL Practitioners.
Other Interesting Nurse Practitioner Links.
The Virtual Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Page.
The Nursing Net.
Nursing Career Guide
Med Files **- A Great Topic List of Many Systems -** from Gina
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Nursing World American Nurses Association - ANA
Nurse Practitioner JOBS From NP Central
More NP Jobs From PRN Med
CCRN NETA Very Useful Site
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Table of Contents

Nursing Statistical Information

National Institute for Nursing Research
US Census Home Page -- Great Place For Stats.
The World Health Organization.
New AACN Report Documents Scope of Nurse Practitioner Education Nationwide.
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Nursing & Practitioner Journals

SpringHouse Corp. - Nurse Practitioner Info & Journal.
Nurse Week - Online Journal from California
CINAHL Information ServiceA Great Resource For Nursing Information
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APA &and Writing Information

Multiple Sites for Great APA Information.
A Great APA Template For Many Word Processors -- GREAT SOFTWARE!!.
Great Tips for Writing any Paper or Article.
On-Line APA Information.
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Nursing List Servers

Critical Care List Server
Nurse Practitioner Information List Server
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Cardiology Sites on the WWW

American College of Cardiology
American Heart Association
The Heart Center of Lafourche - Great Site for Cardiology Information.
ACLS Algorithms
Coronary and Left Ventricle Views
A GREAT site for Cardiology Info - Cardiology Med-Links
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Cholesterol Information on the WWW

Doctors Guide to Elevated Cholesterol
NCEP Cholesterol Treatment Guidlines
Over-All View of Cholesterol Treatment Vs. Cost
General Informationon on Cholesterol
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The number of visitors to this site is . This Page was last Updated 09-07-99.

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