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  • Welcome Solitude

    To your very own WELLNESS CENTER!

    NATURE, FINE ARTS AND SELFLESS LOVE nurture your spiritual (not religious) health.

    A stream of goodies flows from the fountainhead of your spiritual health that in turn, nourishes your mental, emotional and physical health. When you feed the roots of a tree, the trunk, branches, leaves and the fruit become healthy.

    Another key ingredient is the Solar Energy (Surya Shakti) in its many forms, both visible (food-forms) and invisible (wave-forms).

    Your CREATIVITY CONSCIOUSNESS is intimately involved in all processes related to your health. It works silently in the background, always, serving your best interests.

    Simple exercise and mindful breathing work by producing rhythm and vibration in brain cells and DNA molecules.


    Om Solitude

    Step in to your temple, gracious guest; for your inner calm, please fix your mind for a moment . . .on the solitude above . . . and take in a slow, deep breath. Om's blessing is pervading your being . . . harmonizing . . . purifying your vehicles. . . Now exhale slowly ... gently ... and feel . . . your presence. . .stay awhile. . . repeat a few times. . . contemplate your being . . . WHO AM I ?

    Fixing the mind on the symbol produces subtle vibrations which combine with your breathing rhythm. Breathing with vibrations is good for your brain, memory and inner calm. IT PROMOTES OVERALL HEALTH


    There is a vast reservoir of energy in every human being. In fact we wouldn't be conscious without it. Passively, it works at many levels in the body, from enabling procreation to many high-level functions in the brain, such as maintaining awareness of the SELF, consciousness and things like subliminal learning. Interactively, i.e. for a person to consciously understand its power, feel its presence and control for a better performance at all levels, it has to be 'massaged'. The simplest way to achieve this is through the vehicle of FINE ARTS . It flows upward in the central canal in the spine from the cauda equina (the terminating silky filaments)towards the brain cortex.


    Creativity Consciousness Town Hall

    Presents a method for self-recognition (arriving at Your OWN FRONT DOOR)

    The most significant hidden human drive is to express yourself.

  • To kindle your artistic creativity
  • Creativity consciousness lies dormant unless awakened by your own doing
  • You choose the medium for self-expression
  • For inner calm and growth
    Expression is a mirror of your own being
  • Then you become visible in your own sunshine
  • The good feeling sprouts around your own wholeness
  • You recognize yourself and smile

    You also discover your reservoir of vitality, good feeling and confidence, with the aid of a new mental-emotional-spiritual model of your being, based on Ravi's two new books.

    Learn more about the books

    The Three Verbsclick left or rightLatitude Syndrome

    To get started please fill out the attached Self-assessment form

    Specific instructions tailored to your profile will be prepared for your practice

    Easy-to-follow four step do-it-yourself introduction

    Step one

    Sitting Posture (please see Index)

    Step two

    Om meditation (please see Index for meaning of Om)

    Seat yourself on carpet with legs folded in a comfortable position with an erect back and arms resting on knees. Take a deep breath. Hold and relax. As you exhale, recite A-u-O-O-O-O-O-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M in a long drawn-out nasal sound in one breath. Eyes may be closed. Let the mind grasp the essence of your breathing. Please select your color and focus on it.

    PetitionAssertion, then surrender

    Step three

    Based on your answers on the self-assessment form, your program will include a set of Structured breathing and a set of Sound-constellations. This personal-preference step will be E-mailed to you in four parts.

    Step four

    Putting it all together in one twenty minute session you can practise at your own pace in privacy.

    Something for those who want to look ahead

    Gayatri Sound-constellation

    The Cardinal Sound-constellation

    Om bhoor bhawa swah tut sweetur varreniyam bhurgo devasya
    dhee mahi dhyo yo nam pracho dayat. (please pronounce all 't's softly)


    Memorize the vibration-full mantra such that it becomes a part of you. Recite it softly at first. Later you can utter it mentally, in the morning and in the evening, repeating three to five times.Focus your attention on your spinal cord, moving it from the bottom upward, towards the neck

    For questions and information Email:


    Projection of Ocular Waves for Artistic Creativity
    Akashvani (Clairaudience)
    Killer T Cell Imagery for Healing (see Ayurvedic Health in Index)
    Origin of the Swasthic Symbol - Time Zero of Human Evolution
    Understanding gonadic function
    Exercises for gonadic health and performance (intermediate level)
    Prana techniques for self-cleansing and self-healing
    How breathing with strong rhythm and vibration is good for your brain and memory and your evolution!


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    Copyright Declaration

    Material on this and linked pages at this site is the intellectual offering of Ravi Sadana, derived from his two books . Please feel free to browse and review the writing samples and Kiren-maya's choice readings.

    Ravi Sadana,Servant of humanity, Updated on: Oct. 22, 2007

    Please drop by again. New Artistic insights are added frequently.

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