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Otsuka History
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. a leading manufacturer of IV solutions is located in Tokushima, Japan. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. was established in 1921. Otsuka has been manufacturing intravenous solutions for people in Japan and abroad for some 50 years. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. is the starting company of the Otsuka Group which consists of about 60 companies worldwide.

Otsuka's New Developments
"Better medicines for more people..." is a motto that we use to remind ourselves of as we develop new products. With an eye on the future, Otsuka will strieve to continue to make a contribution to the advancements in health care via its quality products.
The United States Liason Office The primary purpose of our office here in the United States is to look for new projects and business in the United States.

Otsuka's Product Line
Aminotripa an amino acid and carbohydrate injection in a dual-chamber bag (1994)
Trifluid, a carbohydrate(glucose, fructose, and xylitol) injection with electrolytes for peripheral infusion (1994)
Amiparen, a 10% amino acid injection (1988)
Triparen, IV carbohydrate (glucose, fructose, and xylitol) injection with electrolytes for TPN (1986)
Aminoleban, an amino acid injection for hepatic encephalopathy (1984)
Plas-Amino, a glucose and amino acid injection (1982)
Potacol-R, a maltose injection with electrolytes (1979)
Palavale, an anti-mycotic econozole cream
Urepearl, an anti-keratosis urea cream
Urepearl Plus Lotion
Oronine Ointment


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