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   Creation 7th Day Adventists hold no creed but the Bible, praying the prayer of Christ in John chapter 17, "that they all may be one: as the Father and the son are perfectly one," and that all mankind might have the liberty of conscience to worship God in their own individual integrity.

   The members observe the Bible Sabbath Day (Exodus 20:8-11) as the memorial of creation and the sign of God's redemptive power to save erring mortals from sin and death. This salvation is complete and sufficient to provide every repentant, believing sinner with continual victory over all known sin, and progressive victory over sins brought to their understanding through life experiences. Salvation is also the free gift of God by grace and through faith in the work of Jesus Christ in His sacrificial death, triumphal resurrection, and mediation in the Heavenly Sanctuary.

   Observing the Eight Laws of Health is imperative for a healthy life on planet earth. These laws are easily remembered by the words, "NEW START": Good Nutrition, Exercise, Pure Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Physical and Mental Rest, and Trust in the Creator. When these rules of health are rightly obeyed, the human organism can resist disease and avoid premature death. We treat the body temple as though God actually resides inside it. For those who accept Him into their lives for complete guidance, it is true that God lives within.

   The "Creation 7th Day" in our name represents the first Sabbath which God made for man (Mark 2:27) after He had finished all His work of creation (Genesis 2:2, 3). The word, "Adventist," in our name signifies our belief in the soon literal second coming of the Christ to take His people home to the Heavenly Kingdom City, the New Jerusalem. The Creation 7th Day (Sabbath) designates more than merely a day; it suggests a personal relationship with the Creator which is to be so trusting and secure that no word but "rest" could better describe it. Some call this "new-birth" experience the "Sabbath Rest Principle."

   Request our FREE audio narrations set to music. The titles include "The Eight Laws of Health," "The Marvelous Banana," "Sugar and Dairy Products," and "Living Foods and Natural Law."

Remnant SDA

Are you a Christian, looking forward to the soon coming of Christ?
Are you seeking to be found faultless before the throne of mercy?

You shall be blessed by attending our next Camp Meeting.

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REMEMBER: "The will is the choice, the deciding power." Try a NEW START today!

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