Barbara Bruette
Registered Nurse
Nurse Bear

I'm a Registered Nurse from Southwestern Ontario Canada. Thank-you for visiting my web page.  

I graduated from St. Clair College in June 1995 with a Diploma in Health Sciences, Nursing. I started working in a hospital on a medical/surgical floor, but since September 1997 I have been working in the Emergency Department.  I have been certified in BCLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC.  I also have my critical care certificate.  I really enjoy where I work, my friends there have become a second family to me.


Feline Better

Nurse's Prayer
Dear Lord please give me strength
To face the day ahead,
Dear Lord please give me courage
As I approach each hurting bed.

Dear Lord please give me wisdom
With every word I speak,
Dear Lord please give me patience
As I comfort the sick and weak.

Dear Lord please give me assurance
As the day slips into night
That I have done the best I can
That I have done what's right.

Barbara  is usually interpreted as meaning "a stranger" It is of Greek origin, and the theory is that the ancient Greeks thought the speech of foreigners sounded like bar-bar-bar. Such language, they said, was "barbaric," and the people who spoke it "barbarians." If one of the babbling strangers happened to be a woman and pretty, she too was a "barbarian." But soon the word took on a friendlier meaning. When uttered by men, it might even turn into some pet name, such as Barbara. It's as simple as that. An early form of the name in England and America was Barbary, now heard only in a few traditional ballads. Popular modern variants are Babs and Barbie.

Friends  One of the first things I did when I first got online, was stumble across a chat line and I have been chatting and corresponding with people ever since. It has been  interesting to talk with people from all over the world. Share experiences and ideas, and of course many laughs and jokes.  When I'm online you can almost always find me in either ICQ or MSN Messenger.


e-mail me at

 My is indispensable.  I use it for my addresses, phone book, and a date planner.  I think it's great to have everything in one place. I'm addicted to playing Mah Jongg on it.  I have the Palm III xe.


I love to garden. Here are pictures of my flowers.

My Garden Pictures.  Click here.

I love  


I love Play Bejewled at The Zone on

This is a link to another website that I have created.  Classic Pooh E-Cards  It has Classic Winnie the Pooh E-Cards.

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