Here are a few friends. Some are Polio Survivors, or knows someone who is.

David Brock
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OurGang Gallery

Carol-Ann Normandin
Carol-Ann's Home Page

Ken "KIONI" Fuller

Linda Morrow

Millie Malone
Millie's Page

Ross Cornwill

Eddie & Carole Berry

Andy Kane

Olive Reed

Sue Bohlin

Bob Mauro
Bob Mauro's Web Page

Rodney Boney and family

Klaus & Renate Kunert

Jon Schoen

Peggy Bran

Paul Tryon

UK Friends

Hilary Hallam

John Foyster and Tom Walter

Randy Riddle, Firefighter in Action

Joy & Vern Hillhouse and Buddy

Elinor Young

Judy K. Craft

Barbara Robinson

Suzanne O'Rourke & Family

Janet Molyneaux & Sparkey

El Panadero

Cilla Webster

Pat Morgan and grandson

Pam Mehay

"CrAzZeE" Rod

Donnie Hoaglin

Mickey Brafford

Christina ('Kris') G-Smith

Marsha Coleman with Jim Sutton

Linda Wheeler Donahue

Carole Lewis

Diana Rogers

Stephen McClure

Lili Guerry

Guerry Family & Track Team

Pat Smith

Joanne Kelly

Luis Mendez

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