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Saru Mo Ki Kara Ochiru
"Even a Monkey Can Fall Out of a Tree"

My name is Nathan Ogden and I am the founder of the IRMASI or International Registrar of Martial Arts Schools & Instructors. This Organization has been founded in an attempt to succeed in several different areas. The main goals of the organization is to rid the martial arts community of Bogus schools and instructors as well as provide information about schools, instructors, styles, associations, as well as other things such as tournaments, seminars & clinics.
One of our other main goals other than trying to eliminate bogus schools and instructors is to establish a way for legitimate schools, instructors, associations, etc. to be recognized as such. We offer verification of rank, knowledge, and school activities to those inquiring for reasons of joining, or seeking to affiliate with them. All information is registered with us, and made available to schools, and instructors, internationally. We also help locate lost aquaintences that one may have trained with years past, that may now be a registered member with our organization, as well as provide school location and instructor information to those who are relocating and wish to try and find a new school in their area, or help those seeking to cross train find new schools in their area.
Those registered with us recieve a certificate of registration along with a quarterly report, that has all school and instructor listings as well as tournament, seminar, and camp/clinics that are to be held. If you would like to be added to our list of schools on our web page, a free service to you then email us at If you would like to register and become a member of the IRMASI and recieve your registration packet please E mail us at the same address or postal mail to:


107 Hickory St.

Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455

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Nou aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu
"The one who knows most, often says less."

Proud Member of the A.O.S.K.K.F.

Nathan Ogden is Yudansha Under Hanshi Fusei Kise's Federation the All Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation, and is one of the Instructors for the Hardy Okinawan Karate School in Hardy, Arkansas. He continues to train under Kenny Broadway Sensei who is a sudent of Master Kise's Top American Student and Chief Instructor to the United States; Kyoshi Jerry Partain. If you are interested in learning more about Traditional Okinawan Kenshin Kan Karate & Kobudo and Master Kise's Federation, Click on the link below!

Kenshin Kan Lineage
Code of Master Soken

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Hanshi Fusei Kise Supreme Grandmaster of Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate & Kobudo

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Nana Korobi ya Oki
"Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight Times"

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