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This Multiple Sclerosis website is dedicated to all MSers. There is much to learn, do, and even more to discover, but we can help each other while we do it. So come on in, grab a pillow, buckle up, and dig in!!

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Despite the history that Multiple Sclerosis begins, before the teenage years, too often, its diagnosis remains unconfirmed; until after its second, officially recognized, visible attack (exacerbation).

Shocked  Sadly, this is required by the need to eliminate all other possible medical causes, before MS can be diagnosed. Since there is no diagnostic test that can prove, you do or do not have MS. "Poser Criteria" (1, 2, 3) is the accepted medical standard.

MRIs are improving, but lesions alone are insufficient proof of MS. Thus, many MSers are stuck in LimboLand (Possible MS, Probable MS categories), from a few weeks, to a few months. But most of us linger, somewhere between two and fifteen years.   Frown

The actual time period hardly matters; alone and adrift, it's a mind rending sentence, spent in fear of the unknown.

MSers are coping, living even with the adjustments and doubts Multiple Sclerosis brings us daily. IMHO, sharing our experiences, helps us overcome anything thrown our way. You need not struggle with the burden of MS alone, unless you choose to.   Frown

I hope this website will answer some of your questions and that by comparing Jeff's MS Story to my MScapades, you will have less fear of MS and not judge your future, by the severity of your current attack - it too will end. Rolling Eyes Smiley

Comments Are Welcome

Take your time looking through this site and relax a bit, we are all willing to share what we have learned. We were once adrift, scared of the future too! Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring; but you will handle it.

Once you know the dimensions of the proverbial beast, you can focus on the fight ahead and will realize, the monster is not the horror you had feared.

Life is full of changes and knowledge beats ignorance every and all days. If you do not see the information you are searching for, please by all means ask.

Please visit and/or join PatientsLikeMe, a completely new concept that will help you track and better manage your MS and your overall health status. It provides the necessary tools and supportive MS community, we have long hoped existed. Sunglass Smiley

We all travel the same highway occupying different lanes, heading for the same goal. Look for the rainbow--it is there.

Thomas J. Copeland Jr.

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