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Hiya everyone!! Welcome to my page....if ya see something you like please let me know... if you don't like it... well... you know what to do! LOL

This page was established on 11/15/96........quickly demolished soon after that...thanks to a computer freeze ...and is back as of 11/24/96.Latest Update 10/8/02!

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We live in Fargo, North Dakota..and 'NO' we don't all talk like the people in the movie...

This page is really a hodge podge of ideas, which for those of you who know me best is how my blonde brain functions most of the time. LOL. I plan on keeping some of the medical 'tidbits' just so y'all think I am somewhat educated!! So bear with me.

My life online started in June of 1995. It began on Prodigy, chatting with all sorts of interesting characters. After Prodigy had succeeded in draining my bank account...I moved over to mIRC, which you will find is filled with EX-Prodigy chatters. FriendsTruthfully...I have met some of the most wonderful people online! I have many wonderful friends who have seen me through a host of good and bad times. I can never thank them enough for their love and support!

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I am a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in the Operating Room. Currently I am working as an Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse at a local psychiatric hospital. I love my job... although getting a full time paycheck for staying home with the kids would always be a welcomed treat... LOL. If you have any questions... feel free to toss them at me... I'll be happy to try to answer them.

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How to Protect Yourself ( in real life and cyberworld)

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