Papers by Evelyn D. Glasgow

The Writer:
Evie Glasgow is the youngest daughter of Tommy and Stella Evans, prominent pastors and missionaries of the Assemblies of God in Australia. She was born in India in 1943, and assisted her parents in their work in New Guinea and in Australia. She studied at Commonwealth Bible College and had been an active member of the AOG all her life, until recent events caused her to withdraw to an independent pentecostal church.

Paper 1:
An Open Letter to the Churches.
This pamphlet was written after Andrew Evans and other members of the AOG National Executive violated 1 Corinthians 6. It expresses her prayer that the church would return to the ancient paths of Biblical practice, rather than apply worldly methods to destroy fellow Christians who dare challenge dishonesty and greed amongst high ranking church leaders.

Paper 2:
An Open Letter to the AOG National Executive.
This pamphlet is a response to the slanderous attack on her by Andrew Evans, Fred Evans and Ron Hunt—AOG “pastors”. They could not refute the arguments from Scripture and history contained in her Open Letter to The Churches, so they launched a cowardly attack on her character, implying that she is emotionally unstable and morally suspect.

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