Freddy Evans

Freddy Evans sent a message to me, via his brother Andrew Evans, who passed it to their sister Evie during a phone call regarding the execution of their late father’s will.

[ NOTE: Freddy has refused to speak to his sister for several years, because she has consistently chosen to obey God rather than Freddy and Andrew Evans. ]

The substance of the request was that I participate in a further cover-up by removing the reference to the persistent reports of Freddy committing adultery with the piano player at Taigum Gardens AOG a few years ago.

The phone conversation related to the effects of a codicil added to Tommy Evans’ will after he came under the care and control of Freddy Evans a couple of years ago. Evie — a poor widow — will lose her share totally, unless Freddy and Andrew agree to sign it over to her.

In the context of giving his nominal agreement to sign the necessary papers, Freddy tacked on the request that the reference to him committing adultery be removed from this web site. (Naturally, there were no strings attached...)

The following is the text of my reply:

15 August 1997

Freddy Evans
PO Box 7075

Dear Freddy,

I was astonished to receive your request on Thursday 7 August 1997 to remove one sentence from my "Recovering from Spiritual Abuse" web site.
Just for the record, the request came to me via Evie Glasgow (your younger widowed sister whom you refuse to speak or write to), via Andrew Evans (your older brother who apparently is arranging to rectify the changes introduced into your deceased father’s will — changes designed to rob Evie of her inheritance through a codicil added after your elderly, blind father came under your direct care and control).

The substance of your request is that I remove a single sentence from the web site, a sentence that alludes to the detailed reports of you committing adultery with the church pianist while you were the pastor of the Taigum Gardens AOG in Queensland, reports which continue to circulate across Australia.
Those stories, regarding yourself and the woman, now estranged from her husband, have been discussed widely. You are remembered in Adelaide as a "ladies man", always very smooth and charming.
There is plenty of annecdotal, circumstantial evidence regarding your behaviour and the behaviour of your wife around the time in question. The majority view is that the rumours are probably true.
The (small) minority view is that, in the absence of a full confession from you, it never happened. The person who ably leads your defence is Evie, though I am sure your blind hatred will keep you from ever believing the fact.

Putting aside the speculation, the relevent facts appear to be these:

1) When Ashley Evans molested his fatherless teenage cousin — alternatively beating the girl with a cricket bat and then hugging her for his own sexual pleasure, as he later admitted to the victim’s mother — you actively supported the abuser, rather than the victim.

2) When Ashley’s father — Andrew Evans, National Superintendant of the AOG in Australia for twenty years — sent three men to the girl’s home to order her mother to sacrifice the girl to demons, you actively supported him.

[ That’s right, Freddy, A SACRIFICE TO DEMONS.
How was a fifteen year old girl going to support
herself on the streets of Adelaide? Only by
prostitution, as you and Andrew well knew.
It seems that the plan was to force her into
public immorality in order to be able to disparage
any statements she might later make about
having been molested by an Evans
. ]

3) When Evie Glasgow stated that the actions of Andrew Evans and others, in taking a fellow Christian to court, was contrary to Scripture, you arranged for her to be publicly defamed, falsely accused of approving of fornication, and ridiculed as mentally unstable. You arranged for a letter to be circulated nationally that defamed her.
You arranged for that letter to be read out at a State Conference, to the applause (!) of a group of “pastors” (may God have mercy on them).

[ NOTE: Her only “crime” was to publicly recommend
that a group of ministers follow the clear teaching
of Scripture. Evie is a widow; indeed, she is your
youngest sister. Yet, in an act of merciless cruelty,
you arranged for her to be humiliated nationally for
daring to express a sincerely held opinion. ]

4) When your blind, ninety-five year old father came into your care and control, you told him some story which so infuriated him that he effectively cut his youngest daughter out of his will. To his credit, the old man relented before his death, but due to his blindness was unable to ensure that the codicil he had added was properly removed. Now you hold a poor widow’s share of a very small estate in your hands.

[ NOTE: Both you and Andrew Evans were penniless
ministers 25 years ago. Today Andrew controls a
million dollars worth of real estate and superannuation
investments, and you own probably half a million dollars
worth of real estate, plus impressive superannuation
investments. Neither of you need any more money,
but you’re quite happy to try to manipulate me by
implying that you will withhold your sister’s share
of her parents’ estate if I do not bend to your demand. ]

5) When your brother made a practice of ringing my wife at home and threatening and abusing her, you supported the abuser rather than the victim.

So, what are you asking us to believe?
That a man who is comfortable with a wide variety of abuses against women is incapable of using his position as a minister to gather an extra moment of pleasure at the expense of a suggestible pianist?
That he would hesitate to use his influence and power to bend yet another woman to his will, even at the price of the poor woman’s marriage? (Her ex-husband has no hesitation in stating that you were the cause of the collapse of their relationship.)

But the strongest proof against you Freddy is the fact that the AOG National Executive and the QLD State Executive have refused to conduct an investigation in order to clear your name.
Those men were very quick to pay a lawyer to make accusations against Greg Sowerby to the police, accusations that a rigorous twelve month police investigation proved to be completely unfounded.
But in your case — where both you and Andrew loudly proclaim your innocence — they are afraid to ask the question in any kind of public way. Why not? Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s advice — Never hold an inquiry unless you know what the outcome is going to be — seems to fit this situation. They do know what the outcome would be, and therefore refuse to start the process.

I can’t say what was the exact extent of your physical relationship with that poor woman, Freddy, but I do know that you are a cruel and cowardly sleazebag. Women mean nothing to you. You have treated your own sister and niece as disposable rags.
I also know that the sentence on the web page tells the truth. So I think it should stay where it is, pending some meaningful change in circumstances.

Yours faithfully


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