A Child's Struggle With Congenital Heart Disease

Told by his Mother

Hi. My name is Beth. I am a mother of a child with congenital heart disease. Mathew's story is a long one. One that is painful for me to tell. But I am wanting to tell it for those parents out there who have a child with a health problem and feel like they are alone. In the 15 years that I've had Mathew, I've experienced so many different emotions. Fear of losing him, helplessness when he was off in surgery where I couldn't do anything to help him, Anger for not understanding why this was happening to my child, frustration when not being able to keep medicine down a 4 month old, and envy when I saw parents with big healthy, thriving babies. What I would have given as that young mother, to have had someone to talk to with similar problems. I felt like I was the only one to experience this kind of situation. That is why I'm writing this page. If telling this story helps one person, then it was very much worth the time.

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Updated - January 8, 1998

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