I Dedicate this to,"A Very Special Friend"!

Online Romance Or More?

You were once considered just a name On a list of friends of mine. But something happened along the way And somewhere we crossed a line.

I've grown to have these feelings for you That are sometimes hard to explain. As much as I want to show these feelings I sometimes must refrain.

We've both shared things with one another That were never shared before. It's made our bond even stronger now And the curiosity's grown even more.

I often wonder what it would be like To spend a night with you. But at this time we both know It's something neither of us can do.

To feel your touch, to kiss your lips To just hold you in my embrace. The thought of this happening between us Makes my heart begin to race.

You're on my mind throughout the day And then again at night. Some people may think that this is wrong So why does it feel so right?

You'll always hold a special place in my heart No matter where this relationship goes. I just wanted to express my feelings to you With a little poetry and prose.

Thank you for all the FUN times you have given me on this computer! Without you I would be lost! I hope that we can have many more good times!! Luv ya!

Forever Your Friend,

Jody aka Lacypanties

September 9, 1999