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Exercises for Overpronation

Foot Circling
Slowly rotate feet in clockwise direction. Continue for 30 secs. Then go the opposite way for 30 seconds. Do at least 6x, twice daily.

Four Step
Sit with back straight in chair. Bend legs at right angle. Place feet several inches apart and point them straight ahead. Place feet on a 1 inch book, toes extending over the edge.
Curl toes over edge of book. Hold 3 secs.
Keeping feet flat on the book, raise toes toward ceiling as much as possible. Hold 3 secs.
Keeping heel on book, raise feet towards shins. Hold for 3 secs.
Repeat the above 10x, twice daily.

Peroneal stretching
Stand with borders of feet on inclined surface(1-2 inch high). The outside borders are flat on the floor.
Stay in this stretched position for 30 seconds. Lower feet off surface and relax. Do minimum 6x, twice a day. Gradually lengthen stretching time and height of book.

Gathering the towel.
Sit on chair with the feet directly under the knees and heels on the floor. Place the toes on the end of the towel, which has been stretched out in front. Place weighted object on the towel's end.
Keeping heels firmly planted, pull towel toward the feet using a scooping action. In the process, keep the toes straight, if possible, performing the scooping action with the ball of the feet. Use foot alternately until the majority of the towel has been gathered. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

Towel Scoop
Sit on chair with the feet directly under the knees and the heel of the foot to be exercised placed firmly on the floor. Place the toes of the foot to be exercised at the end of a towel that has been folded in half. The towel is positioned crosswise to the dancer with the object to provide resistance placed on one end. To create a brace, position the opposite foot behind the outside of the heel of the exercising foot.
Keeping the heel firmly fixed on the floor, scoop the towel in a straight line across the front of the legs using the ball of the foot to scoop the towel. DO NOT try to flex the toes during the exercise. Repeat 2-3 times.

Pick up marbles or cotton balls with feet.
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