Hi people, this is Nimesh.

This is just a temporary site which hasn't been updated for a while

My interests are:
Sports, Tracking, Hiking Riding motorbikes.
In short I like to have fun.
I believe life is too short one should ENJOY each and every moment.
Motto of the site:


 Try to spread happiness all over the world.
Description of Site:
For the time being I'll just post some Jokes. But in near future I'll try to get as many good stuff's as possible. I am aiming at making this site popular as much as I can, which is not possible without such lovely people like you.
I also love making friends. I would like to have friends from all walks of life. Anybody interested in being my friend can mail me at scorrrpioo@yahoo.com.
U guys can even help me out in maintaining this site. U can give me any suggestion for the betterment of this site.

For more information about me u can see my Profile.
Click on the link Jokes and Laugh your way out.
I'll keep on upgrading this site as and when I'll get some good ones. So don't forget to bookmark this page. And don't forget to tell your friends about this site.

You can even send me jokes and I'll post them under your name.

Have A Nice Day.

E-mail me at scorrrpioo@yahoo.com

Come back soon and visit this site again I'll be posting some new jokes.

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