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Our mission is to provide support to  
people with a soy allergy. Eradicate 
soybeans (in 60% of food) or at least label 
them! We disseminate and debunk  
information for people with soy allergies  
(20% of population). Each week we will feature a product, hopefully with a discount coupon, for FOODS WITH NO SOY. 

We created this site because we were tired 
of being accused of shoplifting while we 
spent hours reading labels trying to find 
something to eat that was soy free. 

Join the NoSoy ForumCome on, now's the time for all of you with a soybean allergy to let your voices be heard. So, join our Forum. By sharing your favorite foods and experiences (good and bad) with all of us, we'll have more clout with the food producers and the FDA. Join the growing NoSoy Patrol and volunteer to help find soy free food and get discounts. We need your help! And you'll get a free decoder. Join the NoSoy Forum NOW.

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We're really steamed about the FDA allowing food manufacturers to get away with labeling soy additives as "natural flavors" or "vegetable protein". This has enabled the manufacturers to slip by the folks trying to avoid soy or MSG (monosodium glutamate made from soy). For example, all Hershey sweet chocolate products contain soy but they get away with the "natural flavors" crap (Hersheys) . Another soy derivitive is the mono-diglyceride used for emulsion in many, many foods. And don't forget vitamine E (why in the world is it in personal body products? Your hair and skin is dead, so it can't prevent ageing applied by shampoo, shower and bath gel, lotion, etc.)
There's also a lot of genetic engineering going on with the soybean to make it do other things. The problem will be a product called something else but that is still soy. Check out Greenpeace and their Quicktime Movie. Also see Environmental Defense Fund article. Let the government know how you feel at The FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
We're not happy with paying soy bean growers a subsidy to keep soy bean prices low. These subsidies have caused such stupidity as taking the peanut oil out of peanut butter (to sell at an expensive price) and substituting soy oil (a cheaper product). So send email to your congress persons! Here's a place to find them: The Jefferson Project. Go to the Zipper to find your representatives. Then write, fight, write.
Suppose you've found a food that contains no soy, like corn oil, but this time it made you sick. Guess what? Sometimes the oil vats don't get cleaned out, or someone makes some other stupid mistake (like adding soy letchin). You can check out whether there is a problem (or report one) to The Food Allergy Network.  Warning! Don't believe the Food Allergy Network about being able to safely use soy oil. - Soy Oil is NOT safe to use! Volma went into anaphalatic shock after eating a steak cooked in soy oil and was barely saved with heroic measures at the hospital (the doctor told us she would die but then was able to save her).
And now for the last pet peeve, restaurants that have substituted real food with soy imitations. Several years ago, we went to Casa Anita's for mexican food and Volma ended up in the hospital with heart failure because they use soy cheese instead of real cheese. We asked if they cooked with soy oil and they said no. We didn't think to ask if the cheese was real. Let places like Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut) know how you feel about soy cheese and soy pepperoni.

A Movie to see: Soylent Green

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