The construction on this site is finally complete. If you have been here recently please refresh your page or empty your cache:)I am happy to announce that this site has been accessed 11,238 times as of April 23, 2003. I have studied and gathered a large amount of information (and from personal experience,) and have made this site for people who suffer from Panic Attacks and/or Depression and Agoraphobia. I  also have a large amount of information for friends and family who may have a loved one suffering from any of the above. This site provides a lot of researched information, suggestions and so forth, so if you are dedicated in helping yourself,  someone you know  or would like to learn about this disorder, please feel free  to bookmark this page as there is a lot of information to go over. Please feel free also, to print out any of these pages but they can not be used on other sites as it is copy written.  This site is always free, as I don't feel making money off someone's illness is right.

I have spent many hours and years, discovering new information and all I ask is that you please sign my guestbook. I would like to hear about any idea's you may have, or if you are a sufferer, or have a loved one suffering. I would also like to hear any comments, suggestions and criticisms about this site. Or if you have any ideas that may help others, please email me. It only takes a moment, and could be a great help. Every email WILL be answered. This is very important to me and for many others suffering. The more input the better for millions of people and their families who suffer from this debilitating disorder.

The following are some of the topics that are available on this site (it is constantly under construction so come back often.) There is quite a lot of reading but this site is in mostly layman's terms, so they are quite easily understood.

I have made pretty much every background and graphic on these pages as I know that reading about panic attacks can often bring one on, so I have tried to make it as relaxing as possible.

*Note: You should NEVER try to help someone ALONE! Please get them professional help so they will get the best care.* These pages only offer suggestions on how to cope and some ideas on how to help a bit. They are for information purposes only!*

*Special Note: I am NOT a Doctor. If you think you may be suffering from any of the above, please see you Doctor.*


P.S.   I would like to thank my friend debs ( Kereo ) for alot of the typing that she did for this site. Thanks:)

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