Celebrating 10 Years of Service

to the citizens of

New Hanover County

Medical Transportation Specialists, Inc. celebrates its 10th year of service to New Hanover and the surrounding counties. MTS has provided scheduled, non-emergency ambulance service on a continuous basis, 24-hour-a-day, every day of the year since 1987.

During emergencies, MTS also provides mutual aid in support of the local Emergency Medical Services. This includes two unwelcome coastal visitors, Bertha and Fran. Prior to both hurricanes MTS evacuated low-lying nursing homes. During both hurricanes, MTS was fully staffed and maintained communications with the Emergency Medical Services desk at the Emergency Management Center.

After each emergency, Medical Transportation Specialists, Inc. has provided mutual aid to the New Hanover County Emergency Medical Services, allowing them to use their Paramedics on the more critical patients.

MTS has also participated in mass casuality events including nursing home evacuations due to carbon monoxide and fire emergencies.

During an emergency, MTS can supply and support 20 Emergency Medical Technicians and support staff for three days - without outside agency support. This includes safe shelter, auxiliary power, radio and telephone contact, and sufficient food and water stocks.

Since 1987 MTS has provided more than $500,000.00 in uncompensated care and has returned nearly $3,000,000.00 to the local economy.

MTS is actively involved in the American Ambulance Association and the North Carolina EMS Administrators Association.

MTS employs caring, community minded individuals. In addition to giving demonstrations to local elementary school children, MTS ambulance crews are routinely involved with charity and other public education events.

They have participated in the American Cancer Society's annual "Relay for Life"; have contributed to the Voiture 245 Nursing Scholarship fund-raiser; the Muscular Dystrophy Association's "Lock-Up"; have participated in health fairs; they provide educational services to local health and nursing facilities; and annual Christmas Caroling at area nursing homes.

Medical Transportation Specialists, Inc. looks forward to continuing to serve New Hanover County and her citizens well into the next century.

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