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Last updated: April 6, 2000

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The Support Group Q's & A's is a weekly publication of questions asked and answers given. Here you can view other's concerns and questions like your own and some quick answers to help them. There is also a branch of the Support Line online on the web in the form of a chat room about endometriosis. Live Chat Room: Open all day every day. Please feel free to chat at your leisure! :)

The purpose of this organization is to bring support and hope to the women and thier families who suffer from endometriosis.



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Information on Therapies for ENDO...

If you are on Lupron or debating using it, PLEASE go to this page!

Endometriosis and I: Therapies I've Used...and what I think of them.

Clinical Medical Center Endometriosis Treatment Program - Bend, Oregon

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Atlanta Reproductive Health Center. Tons on info on endo there!

As a leagal requirement, I have to tell you that I, Lia Green, am not a doctor, am not trying to pretend that I am, and am only another women with Endo that wants to help others. But I am knowledgable about the disease and will research my answers before I publish them on the page.

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