Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

This new medical Department at Clinica Reņaca puts together the most selected Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons & Cardiac Anesthaesiologists in practice in the Fifth Region of CHILE. In this Clinical Department patients from all over the country find the newest medical technology for diagnosic purposes and treatment of their cardiovascular diseases. The Department is divided into four units: Clinical Cardiology, Haemodynamics,Interventional Cardiology; Noninvansive Cardiovascular Laboratory and Cardiac Surgery staff
During the last two years more than 200 patients have been treated from chronic and acute coronary artery disease. Some of these patients underwent angioplasty with balloon while others received coronary artery bypass surgery

Having one of the most modern and well-equipped Haemodynamic Laboratoy patients admitted to Clinica Reņaca with an acute coronary event have the possibility ob being studied soon after their admission which allow them to get a definitive and rapid treatment

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