Download mIRC, the mIRC FAQ and the IRC Intro.

mIRC 5.72 released Monday April 21st.

The mIRC cabinets are named mirc572s.exe (16bit,813056) and mirc572t.exe (32 bit,724992). The mirc572s.exe file contains the sixteen bit issue, the mirc572t.exe file contains the thirty-two bit issue. These cabinets are self-extracting executables. When you run them, the built-in mIRC installer will be activated and help you to install or upgrade mIRC.

To download a file to your harddisk or floppy instead of viewing it, click on the link to the file while holding the SHIFT key on your keyboard down. Your web-browser will ask you where to place the file then. Alternatively could you right click on the link and select 'Save this link as...' from the popup menu. If you have no clue what I talk about here better read the Instructions for Net Newbies and Download Dummies.
mIRC 5.72 is also available on the TUCOWS and Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps Web sites! Webmasters are encouraged to put a copy on their local FTP site!

mIRC 5.72 16 bit. (For Win3.x and Win95 with a 16 bit winsock)
mIRC 16 at OnRamp (Dallas, TX)

mIRC 5.72 32 bit. (For Win32s and Win95 with a 32 bit winsock)
mIRC 32 in Australia

You can also get mIRC, the mIRC FAQ and other info on IRC.

If you cant find the mirc572s.exe, mirc502t.exe, or the mirc FAQ file, or if you cant manage to download mIRC or the FAQ through your web-browser and also using a normal FTP program fails, you are not totally lost if you already have a fairly decent IRC client (like an older mIRC version)! You can always join IRC, go to #mirc and ask the people there to send it to you by DCC. Keep in mind though that WWW and FTP can be a lot quicker.