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This page is for you, the Human Being, no matter which believe or religion you practice, being a Muslim, a Christian, a Pagan, an Atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu, etc....it goes beyond all that, so just rest here from all fears and fanatism, put down your defenses...no need for them here. J

  About Peace, Love and Understanding as the universal order of things...and how to achieve them as a permanent State of Being....this is what this page is all about . Its also my personal path and if I can do it, you can do even much better than me!

First step: Get used to the idea that we all are one. So what you do to others, you are doing it to yourself. Now..if you love yourself, you would like to be treated well, isn't it? Always see yourself in the other person. We are all individual manifestations of one universal being. Our essence is one and only one. All harm comes from not being aware of it. Separation is the cause of our Ignorance..and Ignorance is the only cause of harm.

First cause of Separation is to put , whatever we conceive as "God" outside of ourselves...we just can't think of being him/her...so we put it outside and worship it, instead of seeing it inside as our innermost essence and going "back in " towards it, fusing one day with it, eliminating all separation this way. And Peace, Love and Understanding prosper in the the same amount as we are having success in doing this.

So you don't believe me...and you shouldn't. You should try to proof it. All what IS, can be verified, isn't it? Try this:

Next time you have a difficult situation with different people involved, and "impossible" to be solved well for each one, do this:

Close your eyes and try to see your innermost essence. Now see that this essence is also what lives in your worst enemy and in all other persons involved. Now hand the whole thing over...put it into its hands , make it its responsability and ask it to solve the situation for the good of everyone involved. Thats all...... just wait and see what happens.

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  About Separation.....

Let me tell you a story:

"Once upon"... before time, space and consciousness came into existance,there was (and still is) a universal being which is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniconscious. It had only one problem: It had no ways to know about itself, and that was the only thing which annoyed it profoundly. So, it invented to create in itself universes, worlds, and beings, all separated from each other but united in one way: They were all made out of the same substance which, after all, was it. Those manifested creations were also created with a separate consciousness...in order to manifest all the different possibilities inherent in this universal being...good, bad, harmonic, desharmonic, all was possible there.

So it learned of itself observing from its Unity, penetrating all separate beings from its unlimited cosmic consciousness. We, as those "separate" creations, are enclosed in a limited perception of ourselves and what surrounds us. Our senses tell us that what we touch, feel, hear, taste and see is just as we perceive it. But if our senses were altered, our perception of our surrounding reality would change also...and if we could "accelerate" the vibrational frequency of the sense of sight, for example..we might be able to see everything made out of a brilliant energy. So something solid as my computer as it seems to my senses now, would be a aglomeration of energy "programmed to take the form of a computer...or a human body...or..or...and so on... " I know you are getting the idea J

So, having fun like this for some time...(billions of lightyears, maybe)... and having acumulated a huge knowlegde about its ilimited possibilities, it found out another thing, too: If the created separate being was conscious of its primary essence, this being always had a total harmonious manifestation, not ever harming anyone. In change, if the created being was not conscious of its divinity , only depending on its limited memory, its manifestation would be egoistic, and many times harmfull, being agressive out of fear, and all its efforts would be directed how to protect himself from others and how to assure himself "a piece of the cake" in order to be safe.

Does that sound familiar to you??? Like somebody said: Humans...????...sigh.... yes....L

It is also correct to say that a contractive movement - like a spiral moving inwards (downwards) towards materialization - is not conscious of its real nature.

All expansive accelerating movements - as a spiral moving outwards - is conscious of its origin.

But since this universal being is, after all, perfect, there is a way out too: WE, as a separate being, not being conscious of our ultimate reality which is being IT, have a path inside us to go back and fuse with our ultimate reality in which we all are one. Once we do that, we convert into a perfectly harmonious being, sharing a universal consciousness of Love with our Creator. Others which are near such a person say...: I don't get it...how she/he gets all done so perfectly , not doing anything???? Must be a biig piece of luck this person has...hehehe J

So give it some thoughts...maybe you understand better now why the above given practice works, after all......


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About Healing:

Reading all the above, I guess you all are getting the idea: All sicknesses are, after all, a manifestation of being "out of universal Harmony"....so whats the cure????

No Doctor, ever, can cure a patient. All he can do is to try to create a alternate condition were the patient is able to keep on living - even without his Gallbladder which was removed in order to save the patient from dying in case of rupture, for example.

But who tells the Patient that Gallbladderdiseases are caused by repressed anger???

And who teaches a patient to release this energy safely and change his lifestyle so he won't get back there again?And who changes the memory in the Adn/Rna of the line of previous bodies which caused a build-up which leaded to this sickness?The " Boy, the temper of my Grandpa was really terrible..." kind of memory...which lies in the memory of our cellstructure?

At the present stage of our knowlegde, we do need our Doctors which strive so hard every day to know more and to safe more lifes...through chemical treatment and mechanical removals..or changes. Speak about treating the effects...

But, there are other currents of Medicine too...which are walking the path of alternative Healing as Homeopathy etc. which, combined with the first ones, make a more complete picture. A Homeopath knows that a cancerpatient makes his own disease...for example.

But lets leave all doctors alone which do not deserve any word of critic, after all. They work hard to get better solutions for all of us. So...what to do, besides using their skills?

Lets go back to the only responsible one J

The one which brought us here J

So lets try this: Lets , even for a second, fuse with our universal essence, hand over the responsability of having created a disease into its hands, and asking it, to change the primary cause of it from "sickness" to "health" on all levels...and lets see what happens...besides following our normal treatments.

Again..don't believe me, please! I'd prefer much more you try it out for yourself...thats, after all, the only way of knowing.

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