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  Artwork by Kortan, my beloved eternal friend



The first Image on top of the page is made by Ravon, a gifted Pagan Artist.

Note: If you want to use some of the images shown here, go ahead but please put Credit and a Link back to this page and drop me a mail so I might be able to enjoy looking at your page!

"Angels Home" by Angela



"Birth of the Goddess", by Angela



" Nature Isis ", by Angela



" Gaia's Cure ", by Angela

Art Work by Kortan Tümerdem :

His Files are very big so each month I will show some new ones...

"Astral Home" by Kortan



"Somewere unreachable" , by Kortan


" Pyramide on another Planet ", by Kortan

YEach month I will change the Images for new ones, so come back to see !!