New Age Directory of Planet Earth

The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Patti Normandy Greenwood

Darrell Thomas Wilson




New Age Directory of Planet Earth 
was published as a two-volume paperback.
It was the inspiration for this website.

This book is the first one of its kind, a global directory
that contains information than spans many interest areas
including metaphysical, holistic health, spiritual, new age,
environmental and alternatives of all kinds. It covers 128 nations.
The actual directory listings are online at my other website where I have unlimited space.
You can go there by clicking on Mystic Planet.
If you need information, just write to Patti.
The following information is offered to you with Love from that place where we are all One.
What this book is about
How to use this directory
List of categories of services and products
List of nations that have entries in this book
Internet resources
The Internet, Search Engines, World Wide Websites
Mailing Lists, Newsgroups
Using other resources
Using the yellow pages in the phone book, bulletin
boards at health food stores, alternative publications
and metaphysical bookstores
Suggested Reading List
New Age Dictionary
About the authors
Begin reading the book
E-mail: Patti Normandy Greenwood
E-mail: Darrell Thomas Wilson
You are one of World Population wonderful, caring,unique
spiritual beings inhabiting a human body on Planet Earth today.
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