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MS Bladder

Illustrated By: My Friend Susan

MS Book Store

A wonderful site to get books at discounted prices for any illness.

MS Cause and Permanent Remission

Written by: Gregory Coleman Many interesting ways we can help our body.

MS-Probable Cause & Best Bet Treatment

Dr. Ashton F. Embry, Phd is a geological research scientist. This is a must for every MSer to read.

My Journey to Athens

Written by: Gary Shane A interesting story of his experience with Mitoxantrone Treatment.

Oh-To Be Strong!

Written By: Dave Halkyard A Wonderful Poem

Teens & Choices

Written by: My Dear Friend Ginny This is something every parent, or childcare giver must read.

The Dizziness and Balance Disorders Center

This is a must to read.

The MS Mystery

Written by: Kim Levison/The Original Forum Moderator
Common symptons prior to and after diagnosis



Does it affect your balance? Does it make your MS feel worse? Do you have bad headaches? Do you suffer from menopause? Or just plain old hot flashes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then click on the link and learn more about Mapes Cool Gear/Cool Ties. They make great gifts too. A must for every vacation in the sun, and cruises where seasickness is possible. Read the Documentation below. Recommendations for Cooling it Excerpted from the National MS Society was published in INSIDE MS, Summer '96.

National MS Society "Cooling It"

Attention Aptiva Owners What IBM doesn't want you to know

IBM Financed MWAVE Dumping

The IBM Class Action Suit

PC Online 2/9/98 Broadcast

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this guide is from my personal research on the internet. I am not in the medical profession and I suggest that you consult with your doctor about any information you find from your research.

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