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Welcome to the first Home Page I've ever made. That's why I would like to be patient with me. My purpose was to give you some clues about whatever I like, and also some informations, about my hometown and my country. In this Home Page, you will find some, interesting I hope, links about almost everything, and through them to have a better idea about me and about Greek people. For any reason, or any suggestion, about whatever, please do not hesitate contacting me. Thank you again for visiting my Home Page, and I wish you a very nice "surf".

Greece is the homeland of the Ancient Olympics, the birthplace of the Athletic Spirit and the Hostess of the most important athletic events, such as

The 2004 Olympic Games

World Basket '98

And as we say here in Greece,



If anything comes up, just feel free to Constantine Eliades. Every comment is welcome.

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