Hi there, my name is Marcos and I am a TaiwaneseArgentine living inMaryland US. I majored in Kinesiology at University of Maryland at College Park and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I love to meet people of different interests andethnic backgrounds, I hope to be able to exchange some ideas and experienceswith them. I am currently a member of Chinese Argentine Acupuncture Association, Chinese Argentine Qi-Gong Association and Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. Please Email me if you wish to discuss some interesting issues orjust looking for a pen pal. Thanks for visiting my home page.
Me around 1993
Me before 1989
Me around 1995
The present me at 1998, and more of me at 1998 and last but not least me at September 1998
Me and my little nephew. He is one year old, isn't he sweet??  
See all of meat once.
I Believe in the true friendship and that special friendship should last a lifetime. The following are a few of my friends that I have become to consider them as eternal friends. Their involvement have made a big difference in my life, making my life extremely colorful and interesting
Bill has always been a good friend to me, we used to hang out a lot. He helped me through my difficult times when I just came to the States without a good knowledge of English. He graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor degree in English.
Daniel is also one of my closest friends I had from Cleveland.. He graduated with an engineering degree from Cleveland State University and currently works for BP. He is the stud of all time and he believes in true friendship and brotherhood.
James is my hang out buddy in Maryland, he is also my classmate in MITCM and he is extremely skillful in social relationships. Be his friend and he'll never let you down.
Mark is the intellect of all. He'll never give up the hunt for knowledge. He is also from Cleveland State University and so far he posses many degrees, probably in a couple of years his titles will be longer than his home address. He is currently a researcher in Case Western Reserve University. His specialty...pathology.
Millaray is my adopted sister (upper left corner), she is the sister that I always wanted and never had. She is always thinking about my well being, thanks to her my transition to Maryland has been smoother than what I have expected.
Mina is my hang out buddy (upper right corner). She is an extremely good listener and extremely rational even though she does not want to recognize that so special part of her personality. She hangs out with me and my adopted sister.
Negar can be very magnetic sometimes (lower right corner). She is the cutest of all the gals I have met in Maryland. She is aiming toward Psychology in University of Maryland.
Nick is the strongest guy I have ever met. He can raise someone twice his weight and still manage to "run". He is the ultimate of the true friendship believer. He will never betray you if he considers you as his friend and he would even sacrifice his life for you. He is a certified park ranger and currently he is aiming toward a degree in computer science.
Pablo is a friend from my childhood, we went to elementary school, high school together. He is extremely good working with his hands. He was the most famous handy man ever known in the history of Saint Patrick's school, BsAs Argentina.
This gal is cute and her name is Amalia and she is my EX..... 
Me and my  outdoor ventures with my friends. Some people say that I am an outdoor freak, am I??
The following are some links that are worth visiting. Take a good look at them...enjoy.
Clarin is the best online newspaper in Argentina
Sinanetis the best online newspaper in Taiwan
La Nacion is the counterpart of Clarin, also a good source of news from Argentina  
Free spirit nature's club is a club that I have created to share nature fun and adventure with everyone. You're more than welcome to join, its free.
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