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FL2 DMAT Mission Statement
FL2 DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), under the auspices of USPHS, is a group of volunteer medical professionals and support personnel with the ability to quickly move into a disaster area, to provide medical care under austere conditions. DMATs can rapidly deploy for any type of disaster that requires an immediate medical response within the continental United States or US territories. FL2 is dedicated to providing maximum service to victims of disasters.

This is the home page of Fl 2 DMAT and our unit commander is Robert Hendrickson.

FL 2 DMAT proudly announces that our past Unit Commander, Gary Lindbergh, accepted a job with Homeland Security and moved to Rockville, Md. His position of Program Manager involves working with the West Coast DMAT's and Burn Teams. FL 2 DMAT will miss Gary, but we wish to congratulate him on his new profession.
Gary may still be contacted

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We have a training exercise Jan 16-18 2001. For complete details use the link below.

Janurary Exercise 2001

FL 2 DMAT'S Deployment to Hurricane Floyd

When being deployed all team memebers will be meeting at North American Van Lines. Please follow this link for a map.

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