Aloe gel from fresh leaves heal minor burns, scrapes, cuts, cold sores, & sunburn.

Extracts of "aloe" are fighting viruses that cause herpes and measles.

The plant contains "salicylates" - a pain killing and anti-inflammatory compound found in aspirin. It also contains "magnesium lactate" - a substance that avoids histamine reactions that cause skin irritation.

Gel directly from an aloe leaf has the best results. If hypersensitive to aloe, discontinue use.

I've been told drinking aloe gel is not a good idea. I know people who drink aloe juice (I'm one of them) either in bottles or in capsule form, and with no problems. The "latex", from aloe's inner leaf skin, is a powerful laxative!

Egyptians from 1500 BC used aloe for infections, skin problems, and as a laxative, uses supported by modern science.

"Aloe latex" SHOULD NOT be indigested by pregnant women or nursing mothers.