Alzheimer's is a neurological disorder discovered in 1906 by Alois Alzheimer, a physician in Munich.
This is the fourth leading cause of death in adults. A disease that sneaks up slowly, stealing away a person's memory, and personality. Healthy brain cells get tangled into knots and die off.

Researchers focus on microscopic plaques, made of "AMYLOID" that build in the area of the brain for memory, and mental functioning. Once the plaques harden, the problem begins. A blood protein called "APOE" that delivers cholesterol through the blood appears to deposit more amyloid in the brain.

"ZINC" can increase the amount of toxic amyloid in the brain.
In studies in the 1960's animals injected with "aluminum" developed tangles similar to those found in people with alzheimers.
Measuring devices found increased concentrations of aluminum in brain tissue from people who had died from Alzheimers. Doctors do not know where the aluminum is from or what it is doing there.

When the body burns oxygen to produce energy, unstable molecules known as "free radicals" are created. These molecules steal electrons from healthy ones to balance themselves, damaging cells, including brain cells. The damage accumulates during aging from normal metabolism of brain cells: The main risk factor for alzheimers is: getting old!