Love and sex are true gifts from God, and are gifts available to all men regardless of station. The great levelers !! Freud said they were what made the world go around. And he may have been right. Since history has been recorded, the loss of sexual potency or erectile dysfunction has been a devastating blow to men and their mates. For eons men have searched far and wide for a "remedy" for this condition. Thousands of substances have been credited at one time or another in science and folklore with "aphrodisiac" properties.Mostly to no avail. Entire species of wild animals have been hunted to the point of extinction due to the belief that some of their organs could be used to remedy impotence. Even magic has been used !!! In our time we are fortunate to have many different methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Which you may find in our pages. Most cases of erectile dysfunction are of organic origin, although some are still believed to be "psychological". But whatever the cause most men can be helped one way or another !!! And this means a lot of people !!!! in the USA alone it is estimated that there are 10 to15 million men who have some type of erectile dysfunction and most can be helped !!! It is very important to emphasize that ONLY A QUALIFIED PHYSICIAN can diagnose and prescribe a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is NOT a do it yourself endeavor. The information posted in these pages is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY it is not intended as medical advice. If you or anybody you know is affected RUN to your Doctor, HELP IS AT HAND !!!!!!!

Male Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is a frequent complication of diabetes. This has led the IDDT to dedicate a number of pages to this most important medical problem. Our impotence pages are not just dedicated to the millions of men who have been affected by Diabetes, but to all men and women, who are affected in one way or another by this condition.Our mission is to "surf" the net and bring to you in one site all the pertinent information. We appreciate the goodwill of all the sites from which some of this information has been taken. If there are any problems with copyright, just let us know and we will gladly remove the file that is involved.


I will be glad to answer any questions on the subject in a very discrete way, if you would like to contribute information and/or get information, please e-mail me, I will post all answers on Saturday night.

Dr. J.L. Garcia, Mexico City


Dr. J.L. Garcia M




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