Nutrition & Exercise 


This new shareware program allows you to calculate your ...

Daily Energy & Macronutrient Requirements

Daily Vitamin & Mineral Requirements

Basal Metabolic Rate

Body Mass Index

 Ideal Weight-For-Height

 Maximum Heart Rate

 Ideal Exercise Heart Rate

Energy Expenditure for Various Activities

Your Weight-loss Time Table

Other features include ...

 A Kilojoule / Calorie Converter

 A Metric / Imperial Measurement Converter

 A 200 question Nutritional Quiz

 A 20 plus page Nutritional Glossary

Also contains comprehensive text files covering ...

 All Known Vitamins & Minerals


 Proteins & Amino Acids

Complex Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibre, & Sugars

 Fats & Cholesterol

 Food Composition Tables

 PLUS A Comprehensive Guide to

Weight-Loss (based on sound scientific prinicipals)

And a chapter on Aerobic Exercise

All This & Much, Much More !!!


To download the Nutrition & Exercise Calculator click on the flag of the country closest to you


(Requires Windows 95 - zip file 580kb / 1.93mb when unzipped

Or download it from by following this link

If you have any problems downloading or running this program - click here

(Nutrition & Exercise Calculator - Copyright David C. Thom 1997 - All Rights Reserved)


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