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Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency with Hypericum

Hypericum perforatum [St. John's Wort]

Pain Reliever * Asthma * Back Problems * Bites and Stings * Dental and Mouth
Depression * Emergency * Eye and Vision * Female Problems * Headache * Shingles
Injury Accidents Shock Trauma * Joint Muscles Nerves * Motor and Sensory
Skin Problems * Sleep Problems * Surgery * Vaccination and Injections



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by Mimi Kamp

    Therapeutic Uses:
    A major first-aid remedy for Nerve Pain and Damage, and traumatized sensory nerves. Often called the "Arnica of the nervous system". Pain reliever for intolerable "exquisite" pain and the equivalent of a morphine-like medicine in homeopathy. Shock to the nervous system from severe pain involving the nerves. [Potency: 30c and higher; and the mother tincture diluted in water and applied locally to injury.]

Humid; relieved by coughing or hawking profuse expectoration of mucous. Comes on after an injury to the spine. Asthma is worse in foggy weather and from change of weather, and better from profuse perspiration.

Back Problems:

  • Back pain- after an injury; aching after confinement; pain that is worse from exertion; pressing plug-like pain, and stitching, piercing pain; coccyx pain, and after injury to coccyx; neck pain when moving head and stiffness; cutting pain between scapula and dorsal region; pain in shoulders that are tearing and stitching; pain from spinal injuries, with tearing and stitching pain.
  • Lameness- of the back and lumbar region; with soreness of the spine and neck; coldness extending down the back.
  • Herniated Disc- with intolerable pain from slipped or ruptured disc; from back injury and after lifting; pain and shock after back and spinal injury.

Bites an Stings:
Vicious animal bites with tearing and laceration of extremities; ailments from bites. Cat, dog and rat bites on fingers, and especially on the thumb. Insect bites and stings of the extremities. Snake bites of the extremities.

Dental and Mouth Problems:

  • Toothache- relieves pain of abscess and in the nerve; also use mother tincture locally on afflicted gums and teeth; pain is worse from cold, movement, 3-4 a.m., and better when lying on the painful side and keeping still.
  • Dental work and surgery- hemorrhage in dental surgery, and shooting pains sensory nerves in gums and teeth after tooth extraction, root canal, fillings; from injections when the nerve trunk is damaged; it promote the regeneration of the severed nerves; [30c before surgery and after as needed and alternate with Arnica].
  • Injury- to dental nerves; traumatized tooth; injury to front teeth, including in children; fractured jaw for the sensory nerve pain.
  • Tongue wounds- lacerated wound of the tongue with soreness. Taste of blood in the mouth, with dry lips. Tongue is coated white at the base and clean at the lip. [Instead of pain killers take 30c]

Severe nervous depression following the emotional and physical results of physical shock, excessive pain, injury, wounds and fright; after a violent attack on one's person such as having been shot or stabbed; depression and apprehension before and after surgery. Nervousness and hypersensitiveness to least pain with great feeling of oppression and anguish; melancholic, anxious and hyper-excitable; anxiety in chest with shortness of breath in the forenoon; shrieking followed by weeping.

Emergencies and First Aid:
To prevent tetanus caused by puncture wounds; (take 30c immediately after puncture wound).

  • Violent Wounds- from gunshot, stabs and bites.
  • Faintness- caused by the shock of an injury [also see: Injury, Accident; and Bites.]

Eye and Vision Problems:

  • Styes- in left eye, lower lid; tension in eyelid.
  • Eyebrow Pain- on right side; worse at night.

Female Problems:

  • Childbirth- pain after delivery that is extreme; afterpains from instrumental delivery, e.g. forceps, with violent pains in the sacrum and hips, and severe headaches; nerve pain from surgical incisions, e.g. cesarean delivery and episiotomy.
  • Labor Pains- that are very violent.
  • Menstrual- periods are late, 2 weeks late, and/or late with a discharge; menses with sickening abdominal pain and headache.

pain with hypersensitive scalp. Throbbing headache on the top of head with sensation of being lifted high up in the air. Head feels as if touch by a ice. Worse in damp, foggy weather.

Herpes Virus:

  • Shingles- with severe pain along the course of nerves, neuritis and with burning, tingling and numbness, during and after zoster.

Injury, Accident, Shock and Trauma:

  • Injuries- with nerve pain from puncture wounds, incised wounds and laceration; bruises and contusions; sprains and strains; prostration from injuries; injury in which victim lies on their back, jerking head back.
  • Cuts and Wounds- with nerve pain that is burning, stinging, shooing, throbbing; more painful then the wound appears; open and lacerated wounds; wounds with scurf.
  • Tetanus and Lockjaw- to prevent and treat; with shooting pains; tetanic convulsions.
  • Nerve Pain and Damage- neuralgia, neuritis, intolerable pain from lacerations, deep wounds, stab and gunshot wounds, with inflammation and shooting pains which shoots up from the injury; nerve pain from burns and boils.
  • Puncture wounds- penetrating wounds from animal bites, nails, pins, tacks, knives, splinters, and insect stings; with pain that travels upward from the injury.
  • Preserves integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body.
  • Amputation- pain after amputation of limbs, upper and also lower; traumatic neuralgia in amputated limb stump, and phantom limb pains.
  • Spinal Injury- after a fall; spine very sensitive to touch; bad effects of spinal cord concussion; fall on coccyx and tailbone injury; blow or injury to base of spine; pain, great soreness, irritation and congestion in spinal cord; lateral sclerosis; back and neck pain after injury; spinal cord tetanus.
  • Injuries and Pain in Extremities- crushed or smashed; sprained left foot; hand injuries with lacerations and fracture; crushed and mashed fingers and toes (especially the tips), slammed in a door, window, or crushed under a great weight; injury to nails especially at the matrix and torn off nails; injuries in the palm and sole with intolerable pain; injury to palms and soles with deep pain.
  • Concussion- from and after injuries, blows to the head and spine; with headaches and convulsions. Memory loss or amnesia after as a result.
  • Brain Tumor- onset of symptoms after a head injury.

Joint, Muscle and Nerve Problems:
Extreme soreness, body shuttering and desire to urinate.

  • Pain- terrible nerve pain from injuries involving tissue rich in nerves, neuralgia and nerve inflammation; external tearing pain; neuralgia of brachial plexus along arm; paralytic pain in left foot; rheumatic, gnawing and stitching pain in toes and tips of toes; tearing pain alternating with paralyzed feeling in feet; pain in heels with formication and numbness as if fall asleep; rheumatic pain in tips of toes and fingers; tearing pains in legs, shoulders and forearm; shooting pain in bones (periosteum) of leg.
  • Repetitive Stress Injury- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with inflammation of the nerves from overexertion or repetitious motion; numb hands; tension in forth finger; tearing pain in thumb; sprained wrist on motion; wrist pain in the morning in bed; neuralgic upper arm pain; trembling of left upper limbs; cutting pain in finger tips; fuzziness in the hands; formication in hand in the morning.
  • Joints- pains are bruised, rheumatic, sore, and wandering; hysterical joint pain.
  • Hip Pain- after confinement, immobilization, a fall or surgery; at night in bed.
  • Sciatica- lower limbs after an injury, or prolonged sitting; severe pain radiates along the nerve with tingling and numbness; of the elbow and forearm; comes on in bed; worse on left side, in bed, evening and night.
  • Numbness- of the skin; of left leg, of leg in the evening; of hands, or hands fall asleep, of upper limbs at night; of feet before menses.
  • Tingling- of feet while lying in bed; formication and fuzziness in the foot in the morning; in knee.
  • Cramps- in feet on going to sleep; in leg when going to sleep; in gluteal muscles of buttocks.
  • Legs and Feet- biting pains in toes; twitching toes at night on going to sleep; lancinating pains in legs. Worse left arm and leg.

Motor and Sensory Disorders:

  • Paraplegia- with spastic paralysis from spinal injury or disease.
  • Paralysis- after an injury involving the nerves; progressive muscular atrophy.
  • Amputation- phantom limb pains.
  • Spinal Cord- pain in spine; concussion to spine; irritation, inflammation and myelitis; congestion; lateral sclerosis; tetanus.
  • Convulsions- of a spinal origin, from head injury, concussions, and from injuries and wounds in fingers, soles, and palms; and from tetanus.
  • Bell's Palsy- with paralysis of facial muscles; and facial neuralgic pain on the right side.

Skin Problems:

  • Eruptions- feel as if they are under the skin; smarting sensation, like nettle rash on the hands; crusty yellow eruptions around the mouth; about the ears.
  • Eczema- of the hands, on face and under chin with severe itching.
  • Bunions and Corns- when pain is excruciating, showing nerve involvement.
  • Scars- that become painful. Hair falls out as a result of an injury.

Sleep Problems:
Constant drowsiness. Weariness on waking but better by noon.

  • Sleepiness- in the evening especially at 5 or 6 p.m., and during dinner; in anemic people. Spasmatic jerks in arms and legs and twitching in toes on going to sleep.
  • Insomnia- after 4 a.m.; waking from vertigo or nausea; wakes at 4 a.m. with a sense of levitation; talks wildly in sleep after 4 a.m. with apprehension and gasping for air.
  • Dreams- of hunting, climbing steps, and neglected business.
  • Cramps- on going to sleep in feet and legs.

To prevent and treat post operative sensory nerve pain, prostration, trauma, and other disorders as a result of surgery. Surgical shock from the anesthesia, with weakness and loss of vital strength or muscular powers. Pain following surgery for detached retina. [30c before and after surgery, and alternate with Arnica.]

Vaccination and Injections:
Acute reaction after a vaccinations and injections where the needle has damaged the nerve trunk.

Are the very important modifying influences and circumstances which aggravate (make worse), or ameliorate (make better) the person and their symptoms:

Hypericum Modalities:
Worse from < Cold air, fog,
damp, damp and cold weather, before a storm; stuffy, heated room; movement; slightest touch; 6-10 p.m.; in the dark.

Better from > Bending or leaning head backward; keeping still; 12-6 p.m. (weakness).

The remedy interactions for
Hypericum perforatum [HYPER]

Antidoted by: ARS, CHAM, LED.

Compatible: ARN.

(see a homeopathic Materia Medica to find the full remedy names for the remedy abbreviations.)

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