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I am not a professional in the psychological field, but neither am I a layperson. I am someone who lives my life as "WE", therefore somewhat of an expert on Multiple Personality Disorder. The purpose of this page is to dispel certain preconceived notions non-multiples have concerning multiplicity.

In my personal opinion, there is a lack of knowledge in general on the subject of MPD. The media, more often that not, gives an outright false impression of MPD, that in turn, only perpetuates the stereotypical beliefs about the disorder.

The following pages are my attempt to enlighten and to allow you a chance to look into the world of one multiple and her family. I hope by letting you glimpse into the mirror that holds the reflections of the many "me's" that light will have been shed where the darkness of misinformation was once cast.

If you have any suggestions or feedback you can leave a message on one of the Message forums Before you leave, please take just a few seconds and sign my guestbook, so I can know you were here. If you are someone who knows my real name, Please protect my anonymity by only using the handle, Silent Legacy, when referring to me on these pages, whether it is on one of the Message Boards or Guestbooks, or it will have to be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

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