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Aging. Mid-life. Seniors. Education.
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W E L C O M E ! ! ! A g e M a t t e r s is designed by Gerontologists to provide information in a user-friendly manner on real life interests & issues of concern to "Middle-Agers" & "Seniors".

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In our Web Pages you'll find:
bulletLinks that include caregiving tips, Gerontology, international sites, travel, and volunteer opportunities & many others;
bulleta handy collection of 1-800-phone numbers to a variety of organizations;
bulleta manuscript in progress online -"Aging Myths & Realities" -that gathers together information as to the realities of aging throughout the adult cycle;
bulleta listing of some of the many On-Line Chat Groups that deal with mid-life & aging concerns;
bulleta Free-to-our-browsers Newsletter that covers a wide range of concerns; &
bulletUseful News - -an eclectic detailing of news items that apply to daily life.

A g e M a t t e r s is continually growing and adding new information, so check back often to get the latest. We welcome your Feedback

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